Track: Blaine Coffee – Leave Me Again

Track: Blaine Coffee - Leave Me Again
Track: Blaine Coffee – Leave Me Again

Ever been involved in something for such a long time that even the drama feels routine? Maybe you find yourself asking “is this really worth it?”.  At what point do you just decide enough is enough?? – They say connection takes compromise and true love is hard to find. – The Skruggle is real – This is my 2015 love song..

Bio: I learned to walk at an early age but it took me 22 years to finally learn how to stand on my own two feet. Even today I find myself trippin at times. The music represents my life experiences; I’ve been homeless and hungry. I’ve labored in the hot desert sun by day and hustled in the heat of the night. Ive loved and lost, and lost loved ones to loneliness. I’ve tried and failed enough times to understand that life is an experience, “Sometimes you hit the highs, sometimes you get the lows”. This is my life, this is my music…

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