As I’ve previously stated in my last ’10 Dope Blogs That Feature Indie Artists’ post, I’m not selfish, I wanna spread the love; my purpose is to help indie artists grow, and a big part of that is the blogs. Yes, there’s still a lot of blogs that are fake siddity and wanna act like they can’t open those emails that artists send them. They constantly miss out on discovering new gems, but whatever, that’s on them…and they usually end up trying to get on the team later after the artist they ignored done got a buzz.

Any who, here’s some quality sites that feature indie artists and DON’T CHARGE. Yes, it’s a new day and a lot of these sites think it’s OK to charge artists for a blog post that probably only took 2 minutes to post. OK lemme get on with it, because I can get to rantin’ in a minute. Here ya go, and make sure you at least take the time to follow their submission guidelines.

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