Track: Eastside Boobie – Hidden Agenda

Track: Eastside Boobie - Hidden Agenda
Track: Eastside Boobie – Hidden Agenda

Eastside Boobie is putting Louiville Kentucky on the map with his aggressive rhyme pattern and hard-hitting lyrics.  After releasing the single “Had To” last month he now has a new “Struggle Rap” anthem just in time for the summer.  “Hidden Agenda” shows a day in the life of the rapper who chooses honesty over fantasy in his rhymes and videos. Filled with family friends and hi kids “Hidden Agenda” tells the story of how one mistake can make a situation go in a way you never planned and why you just can’t trust anyone in the streets.

 Raised from the concrete of the Clarksdale Projects, Boobie always had a bigger dream than what the streets or Louisville could contain.  Despite the fact that he had a troublesome childhood he never lost sight of the bigger picture. After making a few wrong decisions that took him off his path, Boobie is now trying to show other young kids from the streets that they can rise despite their obstacles. “Im out here grinding and trying to make it cause I have to.  There is no other option or path for me, says Boobie  “Im really focused and learning from the mistakes that I’ve made being in this game,” said Boobie.

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