Let’s just keep it 100 here, I must first start by saying, I’m NOT the MOST organized person in the world. gasps can you believe it? However, I definitely know how to juggle the responsibilities that are on my plate. I want to share with you my top 3 steps to an organized life.


I don’t know about you, but, my mind tends to multi task all day. I don’t know if its the Nurse in me, or what, but I think about several different things at a time. My brain actually functions better that way. It seems to be a psychotic, yet absolute normalcy for me. However, because of that, I have to always write things down. I get my best ideas in the most inopportune times. I find that writing things down, allows me to put things in a better perspective (and helps me not to forget). I have a notebook/planner that I keep with me at all times to kind of jot things down throughout the day. Which leads me in to #2.


So now what?! You have all of these great ideas written down, but what do you do with them? CREATE LISTS! I find that making lists holds you accountable for getting things done! It’s something that’s super rewarding about checking something off of my list (or drawing a line through, whatever floats your boat). Create a list of priority. Try to determine your top 3 items that you have to get done that day/week, then, start with those. Lists prevents your brain from becoming over crowded with information. You have just enough to focus on for that moment. Try to keep your list to about 3-5 items/day to keep it more realistic for you to complete.


Yes and by “EVERYTHING” I do mean EVERYTHING! Are you a mother, wife, student, and/or working professional? If you are like me, you wear ALL of those HATS everyday at the SAME DARN TIME!!! With each title, comes a new responsibility. The best way to manage each of those is to PLAN! Let me explain. Imagine if you took a day (for me it’s Sunday) to write out your meals for the week, bill payment schedule, outfits for the week, and miscellaneous things to do. Imagine how much time it saves from figuring out what’s for dinner, or what you will wear to work the next day. Are you following me yet? It will take maybe 1 hour out of your day to plan your entire week. That one hour will truly save your life (at least for that week). LOL


I know if you’re like me and work a full time job, the last thing you want is an additional schedule. However, by developing a personal schedule, you will be shocked at how much valuable time you waste on a daily basis. How long does it take you to get up? No really, how long from the time your alarm clock rings and the time you actually rise out of that bed? What would happen if you set a defined schedule on when you wake up, go to bed, read your bible, eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, iron clothes, grocery shop, do laundry? I understand, life will sometime get in the way of our perfect world, with our perfect schedules, however, we can at least attempt this to keep you on track.

Try these steps this week and see if it simplifies your life just a tad bit. If you would like a copy of my planner sheets that I use to organize my day. Comment below or send an email to info@chrissywoods.com and let me know you would like a copy.

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