missy lynn matte lipsticks

These Missy Lynn Matte Lipsticks are What Your Lips Need!!!!!

MissyLynn Matte Lipsticks

Okay so if you follow me on Instagram then you would already know I’ve been raving about these lipsticks. Let me start off by saying, I’m a lipgloss kind of woman all day. I prefer something that is more moisturizing and a little less permanent on my lips. HOWEVER, as of late, I’ve been into the matte lipstick trend. Because of that, I was definitely ready to give Missy Lynn’s Matte lipsticks a try. I loved her eyeshadow palette with BH Cosmetics, so why not order the lipsticks? They are a steal at only $6.50! You won’t find this deal anywhere. I received my lipsticks 2 days ago and it was nothing short of love at first swatch!


She used the original packaging from her eyeshadow palette that she released this summer. (Which is on sale for $9.50, you can get it here). The purple and rose gold are such attractive colors and very pleasing to the eyes.

missy lynn matte lipsticks


At first these lipsticks fooled me. They went on extremely creamy and I thought to myself, “Oh boy…this isn’t good, I wanted matte.” Then …BAM! They dry matte, INSTANTLY!! Bombshells,  I was like…

missy lynn matte lipsticks

I knew God was the homie! He looked out for ya girl AGAIN! Okay…back to the lipsticks…So the lipsticks dry matte and they lasted a legit 6- 8 hours!! It even survived my morning Starbuck’s Chai Tea! I have to admit for $6.50 I was quite impressed. I have paid up to $25 per tube in matte lipsticks of far less quality. (But I won’t call any names).


Super intense color payoff. Follow me on here on Instagram to see additional photos of the color payoff.  I purchased 3 of the 4 shades available. I will definitely go back to purchase another set for my clients.

I usually don’t get this excited about a product, but I have to say for $6.50 and to last up to 8 hours (for me) is a HUGE STEAL! If you’re looking for an amazing tube of lipstick that is great for the fall, doesn’t try your lips out and looks great on all skin tones……check these out and purchase yours here.

Trust me on this one Bombshells. Now go get ya life and get ya lipsticks. Don’t say I didn’t tell ya.

missy lynn matte lipsticks


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