So we’re coming to the end of another year, and its time once again for my annual Top 10 Artists To Watch List. There were a lot of artists that captured my attention this past year, and many still have my ears ready for more, but these artists have my attention, and excited to see what they do next year. I believe with hard work and dedication every one of these ten artists can make it. Hit the jump below to see who made the list, and maybe even you’ll become their newest fans.

Adam Reverie (@AdamReverie)


I have put Adam on this list since 2013 because when it comes to the pure craft and artistry, the Detroit native is the total package. He’s a lyrical monster and will out-rap anyone. He constantly gets comparisons to Kendrick Lamar and J Cole so that should say enough. In the current state we’re in where “lazy rap” is the new thing, Adam is truly a breath of fresh air. Every year he inches a little closer and closer to the finish line. Hopefully after he drops his forthcoming “KTTN” project, he’ll be just about there.

Alex Aff (@ImAlexAffMayne)


I fell in love with Alex Aff last year after he released his “Who Knows Who Cares II” project. He’s a youngin, so he’s still perfecting his sound, but his flow is dynamic. The Durham, NC rapper also produces, and he’s fire wit it. His music is soulful and at times, soothing. I’d call him a young Common. Yes, I said it. His latest project “Forever” showcases his growth and is filled with strong lyrics and reality rap. I’m telling ya, keep an eye on him.

Hot Peez (@HotPeez)


He should’ve been on this list last year, but I’m forgetful. New Orleans native, Houston resident Hot Peez is a rappin’ ass nigga. He can ride any beat effortlessly, and paired with that gorgeous New Orleans accent he’s gold. He’s completely set himself apart from the stereotypical rappers around there and created his own sound. His lyricism is strong and his content is a great addition to the underground game. He’s just got it; he knows how to make a hit record and genuinely create good music.

Kris Tru (@KrisTru803)


I was introduced to Kris Tru last year, and right away I noticed the talent. His sound is totally different from what I normally hear, and his flows are unique. This year, his presence has grown a lot, and continues to with every release. One thing I love about Kris is his abundance of material. He has music for days. I should also mention that he’s serving our country in the military. He’s an artist that’s needed in music because he also continuously promotes a positive message. He works, keep an eye on him.

Young Troubled Minds (@YTM216)


This Cleveland trio grabbed my attention this year first off, because they know how to send an appropriate submissions email (so many artists lose because they don’t know how to send an email right). Next, these boys are lit. They can rap they’re asses off; strong lyricism, wordplay, and delivery. Everything they present is professional and mainstream ready. They know how to make solid music, and videos. I truly believe that 2016 is gonna be their year because not only are they super talented, but they WORK.

Mantiz (@mantiz186)


Oh what can I say about the artist that I manage? I could go on for days about his talents, but to put it briefly, Tiz is a very strong rapper. He’s diverse; he can make a dope party record, an upbeat single ready for radio, and a raw lyrical record. He produces, and mixes his own music. He’s a bomb ass singer too. There’s literally nothing he can’t do when it comes to music. That’s powerful in itself. His latest project “Thank You For Listening” is an EP full of mainstream singles. I’m on his ass to stay working, because as long as he does that, 2016 will be his year.

Clay James (@WhoIsClayJames)


The Atlanta rising star has had quite a successful year. He put out a few projects, performed damn near every week, and landed a cosign from Outkast’s Big Boi. His consistency has earned him a lot of attention and an ever-growing fan base. Not to mention he makes good music. Its catchy, sometimes soulful, and puts in mind of early Outkast. His style, music and fashion, make him a solid standout and one to be sure to see a lot of in 2016.

Johnny Phrank (@JohnnyPhrank)


Johnny Phrank is a talented singer out of Nashville who’s voice is one of a kind. He’s stood out so much that he’s caught the attention of many major artists, including Fat Trel, Problem, Snootie Wild, and Bad Lucc, and did music this year with them all. Johnny killed it this year, and he tells me those collaborations were nothing compared to what he’s got coming soon. He’s killing me because he won’t tell me, but it’s looking like 2016 is gonna be a great year for him.

Tony Del Freshco (@TonyDelFreshco)


Houston native Tony Del Freshco might not have dropped a project this year, but that didn’t keep the rapper from putting out an abundance of material. Tony released “Red October” last year and it carried him into this year, still doing numbers all the way up to just a few months ago. His presence and popularity is so strong that he’s constantly being requested for shows and features from notable acts. His classic H-town sound, paired with fire verses is why he’s where he’s at. Lookout for him next year, because he’s definitely climbing to the top.

NewSC (@newsuccesscult)


NewSC is a brand new hip hop collective out of South Carolina that just formed in the last year, but they are phenomenal. Each emcee brings something to the table; they’re all lyrically strong and gifted, and deliver valuable and relevant messages. In a short time they have made waves and developed a fan base. Many have yet to catch on to them, even in their own state, but they will soon. Their talent and message is undeniable.

Honorable Mentions:

JKJ (Pittsburgh)
CaesarCMK (Florida)

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