Columbia, SC linguist Zer0 The Unknown, resurges early in 2016. In the unfortunate instance you’re unfamiliar, check out Zer0’s projects: “Practorials” and “Columbia” available on SoundCloud. Preparing for an artistically strong year with the continuance of single series , “Atop The Cauldron”, the cultivation of Zer0 is becoming more recognizable. Storytelling, virtuosity, and the ability to inveigle are all noted components of Zer0’s catalogue. These singles, each distinct in delivery and originality of references, give a well-rounded illustration of inarguable talent. “Savannah”, “Molotov Over Easy”, “Columbia”, and “Kid Vicious” deserve a listen and a then double take. Zer0 claims proudly the riddle work within his rhymes and supports equally the visual components to his creations. Zer0 has been collaboratively diverse and hopes to continue the unification of the Carolinas through his music. Don’t hesitate to follow and reach out to Zer0 The Unknown for information and musical updates. Love and light. Rest In Peace Speaker Knockerz.



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