Cleveland artist AtypiCLE, whos also a grad student at the University of Cincinnati, gives us the visual for his “Sweet Silver Bellz” record. The track samples the classic, “Carol of the Bells”, and was released for the holidays but I’m a bit late. Anywho, check it out below.

From tastemaker:

A for effort and the video. It just sounds like Santa is delivering presents while sipping Hennessy while rolling up weed. The beat is just too much off a dated ONYX/Halloween we’re about to rob you feel. Thats just my opinion

One thought on “(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Video: AtypiCLE – “Sweet Silver Bellz” @AtypiCLE”

  1. Whoever this tastemaker is completely missed the message of this song. Clearly, I’m talking about how the bells signal that Christmas is approaching and how I get excited around Christmas time. Never in the song did I talk about Hennessy, weed or any of the crazy things they mentioned in that ridiculous comment. I don’t even understand the ONYX comment. There is no beat out there like this. Since when did ONYX or any other rapper sample “Carol of the Bells”? This tastemaker has no idea what they’re talking about and needs to give the song another listen. Until then, spare me with those ridiculous, erroneous remarks.

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