In celebration of 420, I caught up with well respected DJ, DJ Cee Money & his Urban Hippie crew. Urban hippie, which is a brand and term used to define the overall character of a person with good vibes was founded by DJ Cee Money and his brother in Atlanta, GA. Urban Hippie is not just about the consumption of weed, it aims to spread awareness about cannabis and its health benefits in an unbiased and realistic overview.

During the interview, Urban Hippie representatives addresses the misconceptions associated with cannabis, thoughts on mid, what people should do when they are too high, different forms of cannabis (THC lean), and their annual 420 festival in Atlanta.

Urban Hippie is not just limited to the cannabis industry as they also have a DJ crew and EDM Trap Group that frequently have gigs in events such as Tomorrowworld. Check out their EDM Trap record with the late Bankroll Fresh on Soundcloud.

Keep up with DJ Cee Money on IG @djceemoney & @urbanhippieatl.

Stay tuned for more exclusives and behind the scenes footage with Lalaa @LalaaShep YouTube/ LalaaShep

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