So let’s talk for a minute. Who in the world created the rule that black women (or women of color) should not wear red lipstick?I know you’ve heard it too. Seriously, like where did this come from? Color is Color no matter WHICH color is wearing it. Yeah I said it! There is a shade of red for EVERY WOMAN!I’m not saying that all shades of red look good on everyone, That’s a matter of opinion, but if you are asking my opinion, the answer would be, “NO.” Let me explain. Understanding the Color Theory, makes this a little easier to understand. (yes, there is really a color theory). Certain colors compliment or look better with other colors. You know this already. You do this every day….when we see purple, typically, we pair it with a yellow or a gold. Right? When Christmas time rolls around, we think of Red and……..yup, you guessed it, GREEN. Ok, so how does this relate to Red Lipstick Chrissy? I’m glad you asked. Let’s talk skin tones:

Choosing the Right Shade of Red Lipstick

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In Pale/fair and light olive skin tones, lipsticks that have cool reds, berry reds (cranberry tone), or with blue undertones tend to compliment your more.

If you have a more Medium skin tone, the brownish-reds are your GO TO shade.

For my Olive skin tones, you are said to look best in yellow or orange-based reds.

Now for my dark skinned sisters, you can BRING IT with the color. You tend to look amazing with deep reds, reds with blue undertones (wines, berries, brick reds). Honey these colors are all you!

These are some of my FAVORITE REDS that I cannot stop wearing. From (L) to (R): I highly recommend you try one of these red ladies. They are fun and inexpensive. Just click the links to try them out.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Liquid Lipstick – American Doll

NYX High Voltage – #22

Covergirl Outlast – #925

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Choose the perfect shade for you, take a selfie and post itusing the hashtag #bombshellswearred so we can all see our beautiful red lips!!!  By the way, Are we friends on Instagram or Facebook yet? If not, let’s change that. Well Bombshells, Until next time,


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