Growing up on the Eastside of Baltimore, Damond Blue was exposed to the street life like many of the youth throughout the city. After witnessing the death of a close friend, Damond decided that lifestyle was no longer for him and began to take his God given talent seriously. With his focus on the game, Blue’s drive led him to collaborations with the likes of Jadakiss, Fat Trel, King Los, and most recently Wale on the remix of “Give It To You.” Continuing to aim for the top, Damond Blue isn’t afraid to dream bigger and he does so with the release of Dream Bigger Vol. 1. The new mixtape comes equipped with 10 tracks laced with production from the likes of The Mekanics, Ghost, Frank Dukes, and more. Allowing listeners to immerse themselves in his music, Damond opts to leave the project featureless, proving that his talent is enough to carry a project on it’s own.

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