#TastemakerTuesdays: Video: Scoob Da Martian – Doin The Dash @scoobdamartian_

Ok…the name through me off a bit, I didn’t really know what to expect. I definitely didn’t expect for him to start spittin the way he did! Sounds like he still has some polishing to do, but he’s got potential. Check out Ft. Lauderdale native Scoob Da Martian’s video for “Doin the Dash” below.

From tastemaker:

Like Tasha said in this post, I didn’t know what to expect from this song when I hit play. I was pleasantly surprised by Scoob though. At times it sounds like he’s talking to his self with how low his voice gets in the flow which I think is unique. The video doesn’t add much to the song but it’s a strong track and I think it’s something that should get him a little bit of attention