New Video: Substance – Intro Produced By Street Gang


Hip-hop fans don’t fear, Substance is a blessing to the game. The Port Huron Michigan native Substance is that perfect blend of lyricism, charisma and authenticity that the game has lacked for years now. He found his way into hip-hop by writing poetry in school. That love for words turned into a career years later. Inspired by some of the greats in the game like Jay-Z, Nas and Wu-Tag Clan, you can hear the remnants of the old school in his new school flow.
Substance-“We kinda in the middle of everything, so I’ve been influenced by all types of hip-hop” said Substance.
You can tell from his latest creation “Outta Sight Outta Mind 2” that he prides himself on standing out from the crowd. Substance- “I try to separate myself from other artists by making music that is true to me and is from real life. Music with meaning.”


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