New Diss Track: Mel Gates – Hood Chuuuch (Lil Yachty And Kodak Black Diss)

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Mel Gates from Coney Island’s projects in Brooklyn, New York releases new smash hot single“Hood Chuuurch” Lil Yachty & Kodak Black Diss! Anyone walking down the streets of Coney Island’s projects in Brooklyn, New York has experienced the rap phenomenon of none other than – Mel Gates. Mel Gates, born on January 6th, got involved in the rap game at the age of 16 years old while serving a two to six year prison sentence in some of the more infamous prisons in the state of New York. A broken home, no father figure, drug addict mother, and high school drop out, are all too familiar life battles to Mel. After leaving home at the tender age of thirteen to become a slave to the mean streets of New York City. Mel began hustling to make ends meet and support the broken family he left behind. While serving his six-year prison sentence, Mel began to turn his life around. He enrolled in a GED preparatory class that resulted in him earning his GED. But Mel would not stop there, he also began dabbling with words and makeshift beats. Soon he was battling his fellow inmates and earned the name, Mel Gates.

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