New Music: Carlosh Garzat – Agoraphobia

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Carlosh Garzat releases his 5 track EP “Agoraphobia”, a record that is raw, vulnerable, and refreshing. Garzat, originally from Mexico, is a firm believer of pairing sounds, aesthetics, and concepts in each of his releases. “Agoraphobia” is an eclectic pop EP that was written and recorded during a mental health crisis in Orlando, Florida. Each of the songs is meant to portray the different elements of anxiety and hypochondria, through pop sensibilities. “Agoraphobia” reflects upon Carlosh Garzat’s struggle with overcoming anxiety, depression, and personal relationships. “Agoraphobia” is a record that proves that art can heal the artist as much as the listener. Stream it on Soundcloud and buy it on iTunes Today!

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