To close out our Artist of the Week feature, Adam Reverie lists his top 5 indie artists. Adam has a great ear for good music, and after checking out his picks myself, I definitely understand why he chose them. Check out his picks below, and he also shares why he likes them.

Daniel Caesar – I believe Daniel has this voice that’s just so infectious & his melodies & song writing are phenomenal and rare in this day and age.

Emily King – Seems to be pitch perfect when executing notes & harmonies. Her tone is soothing and songs are always so well put together, I think her vulnerability is what I connect with the most.

Nick Hakim – I actually found out about Nick Hakim through Emily King & it makes sense as to why she is such a fan of him, this guy is so soulful. His voice alone is this beautiful instrument of expression that I’m a huge fan of, definitely one of my favorite independent artists.

Tristan Knight – Is a peer from Detroit that I enjoy listening to because he sounds everything opposite of where we’re from. He’s a true student of the game whether rapping or producing you can hear his love for the genre in each piece he executes, big fan of Tristan for sure.

Raz Simone – Raz is one of the few rappers I fell in love with as an artist, he has a unique raspy tone, incredible song writing capabilities very in-depth verses. His hooks are also very memorable & original, I think that’s what makes him most unique is his originality.

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