British musician Johnny Massacre drops a creative animated visual for “Mr. Massacre”. From London to Tokyo,  while respectfully donning the legendary Notorious B.I.G., watch as Massacre challenges rappers internationally. Pairing his hauntingly descriptive lyrics with the near gruesome scenery of food preparation,  Johnny Massacre forces the listener into his world.

Massacre covers the entire spectrum of music creation: vocals, to production and even video direction. The all inclusive package that is Johnny Massacre is sure to force replays and inspire welcomed rivalry. With new album “No More Sun” Massacre continues his extraordinarily vivid musical journey choosing the phenomenal art genius Timothy, for his cover art. Most known for “Ultrasound” reaching over 8 million YouTube views, Johnny Massacre is quickly gaining fans around the globe.

To view the efforts of Massacre and give feedback he is easy to find. Follow him on Twitter, subscribe to his channel on Youtube, and add Johnny Massacre as a friend on Facebook.

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