SLR Music Group Presents “Ride or Die” Freestyle With Perry Papers x SOS Bishop x Dollarz x Alonzo Fury|@SLRmusicgroup


Scott La Rock Jr. carries on the legacy of his father through his own label Scott La Rock Music Group.  Living his life around the essence of classic Hip Hop and breathing in the culture as his pops right hand man, Scott La Rock Jr., scouts artists who mirror that classic and old school Hip Hop.  Artists such as Perry Papers, SOS Bishop, Dollarz, and Alonzo Fury bring that New York heat without conforming to the recent trends the media categorizes as Hip Hop.  In their most recent freestyle this elite team of emcees exude bars and lyrics that most can’t convey in a complete album.  In roughly two minutes you will get a firm introduction to SLR Music Group, who the emcees are, and why this is their time, tune in!



SLR Compilation Volume 2


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