New Music: Kareem Idris – The Year In Color: Book 1​-​Presented To The Drum

Kareem Idris is a world traveling educator, musician, poet, and painter that has utilized his life experiences and creative thought to tailor his approach, interpretation, and expression of the arts. Years as a Social Worker and Professor of English  abroad to students learning English as a foreign or  second language, has provided Idris with the opportunity to see the power and impact of words when they are spoken or received first hand. Idris’ usages of words are vivid and create a mood that is cinematic in feel. Recently initiated as a priest in the (Afro-Cuban) Lukumi Tradition, Idris’ has released two albums. The first being, “The Year in White” (The deluxe edition), which highlights his experience as an “Iyawo” (Newly initiated priest that amongst other responsibilities, must adhere to wearing white for a year and plus days. The second album, “The Year in Color: Book One- Presented to the Drum”, highlights the priest’s ceremony that follows, which is being presented to the drum, a ceremony that enables the newly crowned priest to attend “Bimbe’s and Tambors” (parties to honor the Orisha so that they may bless the community).
From the Uptown North Philly section of the City of Philadelphia, Idris’ has been influenced by the City’s rich culture of hip hop, jazz, rhythm and blues, rich Philadelphia black history, and strong connections to his elders.
 Idris’ goal is to create music that the listener can benefit from, that creates healthy change and healthy discourse to build bridges between the youth and elders. Idris’ knows fully well that he has a platform and chooses to utilize it to empower, heal, and inspire.
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