Up and coming musician Choze releases a new visual “Nothing to Lose” that provides a powerful message detailing the systematic society we are simply ‘surviving in’. Choze has a very raw yet honest standpoint on his feelings towards
how we are educated from an early age that disables us to ever have enough understanding on how or what to do in our future to succeed.

This track really does make you think about how much pressure is put on to us to become something without much knowledge or advice given from those whom we trust or who should be offering the help we need to do better; parents, teachers, celebrities. “Living in these streets, we ain’t got nothing to lose” a line repeated throughout the song. This line is very much relevant and relatable to a lot of people who are born directly into inner-city areas with nothing but hunger whether that’s to feed themselves or their family. The circumstances we are given doesn’t allow us to fear what we could possibly lose because there was nothing given to us in the first instance.

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