Emerging Atlanta rapper and viral sensation Slim Stunta inks $1 Million Dollar Endorsement Deal with AfroBeats Headphone Company. Having amassed millions of views on his Stunt Lifestyle TV youtube channel and inspiring a fastly growing fanbase, AfroBeats chose Slim Stunta because they were impressed with his brand potential and his impact on the culture. The title of Slim’s latest single “Getting That Money” (produced by Grammy-nominated producer Sonny Digital) is in tune with the money he’s getting off the deal.

Slim Stunta has gone viral across internet with his “Stunt Lifestyle” movement. He was featured on Rich Kids, a TV show internationally syndicated on MTV, BBC and TLC airing across Europe and Africa. AfroBeats originated in Nigeria and is the only headphone company to offer African-inspired headphones which will be promoted by the rapper.

“AfroBeats has had a large presence in Africa,” says representative Olu Alabi. AfroBeats is selling thousands of headphone sets all across Africa, including the Abidjan Ivory Coast, Lagos Nigeria and Nairobi Kenya. Alabi indicated that AfroBeats execs anticipate moving at least 2.2 million headsets in 2018. The quality headsets, which include noise cancellation, 9-10 hr battery life, bluetooth, am/fm, and overall superior design rivals any premium headphones in the market. These headphones are a must for Independence Day celebrations and cultural events. AfroBeats is expanding its manufacturing pavilion in Abuja Nigeria, thus creating a multitude of jobs for the local economy. You can view and purchase the uniquely African Inspired designed headphones at: http://www.TheAfroBeats.com and follow on Instagram @TheAfroBeats

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