New Jersey Rapper Lay B Paves the Way to Stardom
with New Mixtape “Turbulence”

CLIFFWOOD, NJ – Born in the urban area of Long Branch, New Jersey, artist Lay B learned to rap from his own father. He watched him so closely to the point where he started to form his own passion independently. By the time he reached the fourth grade, he co-created his first performance group called The Four Fingaz. Even when he moved over to sports temporarily, he never let his love for music fade far from him.

When it comes to Lay B’s style, he’s always been more of a freestyle rapper. Though, over the years, his flow has transformed. “At the beginning, I was still trying to figure myself out. My cousin made me take it more serious, so I stayed in the game and figured out that music is what I really wanted to do,” said Lay B. He channeled his influences, such as Tupac, Biggie and Nas, and started developing his own craft. More than anything, he committed to owning his individuality, and not copying anyone or anything.

With life comes both good and bad, which is something Lay B tries to share his personal experiences. As he puts it, he is a true storyteller, as well as the narrator of his own story. This narration can be seen in his brand new mixtape called “Turbulence”. “It’s been getting good reviews. ‘Forsaken’ was my first single, and I talk about my journey through life. At times I thought all was lost, but in the end everything worked out. God was not done with me,” said the artist. His ability to be so honest and raw sets him apart from any other artist out there.

In the world of Lay B, everything is picking up at a fast pace. Whether it’s performing at an artist showcase or being contacted by DJ’s across the world, Lay B has a vision of telling his story to anyone who will listen. Lay B truly is the breath of fresh air that this industry needs so badly.

“My stories are for people to feel the comfort that they’re looking for. I just don’t do this for my health. This is a movement that is changing hip-hop music as a whole.”

To listen to Lay B’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:
Snapchat- Dondada11
“Turbulence” Mixtape
“Only Be Me”
“What’s Truth”

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