(New Exclusive Interview) Philly Group Light Work Talks Debut EP And More With She Bloggin |

1. What is the story behind Save the Art?

Tommy: i just wanted to go back to the essence of hip hop
There is no real story we just want to keep making stuff that is thought provoking and not for the contributuion of dumbing the masses down
Duey: we wanted to deliver potency
That’s pretty much what it was based off of
2. You guys are a group from Philly. How do you guys compare to some of the other groups that came before?
Tommy: i think most importantly we dont even try to compare us to other people
I love the roots i love bilal i love baby blak
I would never compare us to before we are in the now.
Duey: I completely agree with Tommy
We are just different dont compare us to anyone
3. This is you guys Debut EP. How long did it take for you guys to record and pick all the records for this EP?
Tommy: we recorded alot of songs i made a shit load of beats kenya banks gave us a few as well we just started doing the songs i say it probably took us 4 months to finish the songs i am a stickler for quality control we just kept cutting stuff out
Some songs we would cut then we would come back sometimes adding a verse or taking out etc.
Duey: basically we just ran with the formula
4.  This project is Heavily influenced by Dilla Madlib, Kev Brown, Kanye West, The Rza , Samba and Afro beats. Why did they influence this project?
Tommy: yeah during the time of the creating process these artist were heavy in my rotation i borrowed inspiration for the moment alot of things change up project to project day to day
Duey: I was listening to alot of Wu Tang forever
West African music and reggae
5. What does the cover art mean and who designed it?
Tommy: i wanted to honor the nostalgia of the project and doing something with that 70’s feel of the old record cover art
I designed the art with my three year old lol!!

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