Heavy Chevy delivers a hard, raunchy dis record aimed at Alief Biggie called “Aint Gone Do”. This content is full of energy, with great lyrical skills. The track makes you want to move, hell, maybe even fight.

Heavy Chevy is a product of the Southwest side of Houston, Texas. During school hours Chevy could be found rapping at the lunch tables and aiming for perfection with each performance. However, the glamour of the streets beckoned him at every corner and running with the wrong crowd would keep Chevy in trouble throughout his life. Trouble, lead Chevy to attend 8 high schools and be expelled from 5, before dropping out. He recorded weekly mixtapes at a local record store and was the voice behind legendary radio freestyles, aired on 97.9 The Box’s “Roll Call”. At the age of 18, Chevy packed his bags and moved to California to further his dreams.

While living in San Diego County, Chevy remained active in the Houston rap scene by continuing to collaborate on songs with artists such as Slim Thug and Lil Troy. At the same time, Chevy began to make a name for himself in Southern California and embarked on a west coast tour with Knocturnal and Nate Dogg. Several months later Chevy found himself engaged in allegations of criminal activity, forcing him to relocate to Northern California.

In November 2004, Tooty Marriz, President of Actuate Records, contacted Chevy and began preliminary negotiations for a recording contract with the label. The streets readily embraced Chevy upon on his return to Houston. Heavy Chevy and The Union released a series of mixtapes that took Houston by storm, selling over 40,000 copies in a 6-month time span. Through an extended network, the mixtapes have circulated throughout the Southern and Midwest regions. Due to Chevy’s increasing popularity, aggressive street music and lifestyle, an FBI investigation and interrogation for the prostitution of women commenced in June 2006. The Feds concluded that Chevy wasn’t affiliated with prostitution related activity and he was cleared of all charges.

Fast forward to 2018 which is considered to be the Rebirth of Heavy Chevy with new founded Record Label “Acuity Entertainment “. As a CEO Heavy Chevy has signed an entire staff and is currently finishing up “Trap House Royalty” album. As for now, sit back & enjoy the Heavy Chevy Show.

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