Jack Doyo ‘s latest single “Out Da Gate” is the dreamy bouncy tune you’ve been waiting for.

Jack Doyo is an Artist/Producer/Ceo & Founder of NNR (New Nairobi Records). Born and raised in Nairobi, he now resides in Raleigh, NC. Jack has had a love for instruments his whole life playing everything he picked up from a guitar, piano, drum set and trumpets. He took his love for instruments by opening his first studio in Morisville, NC where he began his journey producing beats and incorporated his poetry when he was heavily pulled by the amount of emotional release he received from recording music. He described it as being away from the world when he is in the booth and vividly expresses how its his way of venting and getting away from the troubles the world bares.

His goal is to touch every demographic and unite the world with his music. He has no limits and is able to incorporate his Kenyan culture with hip hop and even RnB. He has studied all genres and artists as would an intern trying to understand the art of music and has evolved himself through his vast library. He has worked with Sony’s Orchard and has a truly unlimited supply of music that would speak to the masses. Jack would not like to speak on his music and feels the people ultimately are to be the ones to judge.

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