AFE Union-“Spring Break” @CeeSpitz

Cee$pitz & Don Munchie, half of the group “Afe Union” get deep and direct on “Spring Break”. Inspiration from “Just A Dog” by Big Moe has these Houston artists holding back zero bars. Coming straight for the lady fruit, Cee$pitz and Munchie must be added to the “Play No Games” playlist alongside classics like “Some Cut” but Trillville. Stepping away from the trap mentality for some lovin’ is never frowned upon within the hip hop scene. “Spring Break” is available for download now on iTunes! To get a peek of other music from “Afe Union” check them out at

Shaun Peace-“Southside” @SCP13

Chicago release “Southside” from rapper Shaun Peace is lyrically combative. Putting the last touches on his rocket, Peace is about to take off.  Sharing the production credit, Shaun Peace and Wise Gui sample to create an antagonizing beat. “Southside” featuring Super Dakario tackles post-graduate hardships, peer pressures and the urge to break out of monotony. Peace is clear on the track, regardless of any persons typical personality or their accomplishments, they still have that alter ego, “Southside”. Follow Shaun Peace for new music releases and updates.

Video: Cife Man – Path to Glory

Brooklyn based MC Cife Man has been a fixture on the New York City underground music scene and continues to carve out his lane in the process. Releasing his a slew of mixtapes over the past for years, he elevates his progression by releasing the Caged Cubez visual for “Path to Glory.” The audio is lifted from his “More Fire,” mixtape was released earlier this year.