Katrell The Phenomenal – “Bea’s Lude II” @KPThePhenomenal @Tru_Brilliance

Riding music, R&B from the streets of NC! TruBrilliance members Katrell The Phenomenal and T. Jonez join on “Bea’s Lude II“. This melodic wonder evokes love and passion for the ladies. Strong instrumentals laced with the words and accents of these southern kings will entertain all ages. Catch Katrell The Phenomenal and this hip hop honey crooner on TruBrilliance ENT’s compilation project, “Haven’t Seen Anything Yet“. For updates on Katrell The Phenomenal and TruBrilliance artists, follow them now!

Lucky (Luck) – Chanel

Lucky is a rising rapper from Queens, NY. Although it’s still early in his career, the 25 year old rapper has proven that he has the ability to hang with the big dogs. Looking to bring back that classic 90s NY feel, Lucky generally places his focus around his lyrics often telling stories within his raps. He recently released his new single “Chanel”, providing us the viewpoint of a guy in pursuit of a good looking women, before things take a sharp turn.

ConSCious – “Encore” @CalvinReed93 @Tru_Brilliance

Genuine expression over this jazzy cover produced by the multifarious T. Jonez, has lyricist ConSCious deserving of praise. “Encore” drops as a taste of what to expect on the release of “Haven’t Seen Anything Yet“, a compilation project from TruBrilliance ENT. This profound pack of composers and producers combine knowledge, soul, and bars in a way that commands the ear. In “WiZard” posted below, ConSCious hints at his many style techniques. Listen and follow ConSCious, and TruBrilliance ENT now for their latest in music and performance information.