@SuaveDosto – “The Recipe” ft. Evan Jones

Texas resident Suave Dosto already has new music to offer following his latest “Naked Afternoon” mixtape. Single “The Recipe” is on its own level and its production is Texan originality at its best. Shout to Evan Jones, beat was so nice he had to jump on it to. Dosto has #PlentyWater to go around if you’re thirsting for pure expression and talent. His production efforts can be found all over SoundCloud. Go and see for yourself!

@RealRecklessEnt – “IVXX”

Four artists have collaborated to create a thumpin’ mixtape! “IVXX” contains memorable lyrics and diverse delivery. “What You Mad At Me For” is a personal anthem. These Oakwood, GA natives are ones to watch. The guys (@ODLE0925, @R3ckl3ssTheGod, @dotGATSBY, and @KamaKeezy) aren’t coming down anytime soon. Expect more heat in 2015, get ready!

@ThaSelfieGodd – “Supernova”

Denver, Colorado on the hip-hop map?! Dvvid, or David Bonds shares all his feelings on “Supernova”. Who is this song about? This track gives the audience a glimpse into the roller coaster effects of love and “this is just the Genesis” . Everyone can relate to Dvvid’s story about his personal supernova! This is an open and honest letter to hearts everywhere…MUCH needed music. Follow him for past and new material!