(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Video: CaesarCmK – Murda She Wrote

Florida artist CaesarCmK releases the official video for his latest single, “Murda She Wrote”. His “Maximel” project drops this Friday.


The song concept on this one is cool. The recording could be better in my opinion. Lots of high end hiss prior to the lyrics coming on, sounds like a recording and mixing issue. The video is ok as well, far to many cuts for my liking. The record just feels a little dated to me.

(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Video: Cockamamie Jamie – Orca @gentlejamie

Cockamamie Jamie gives us the official video for “Orca” for Tastemaker Tuesdays today. This is so dope. The video is crazy, and Jamie is fun, animated and lyrically gifted. Love this! Can’t wait to see what our featured tastemaker has to say about it.


Very disturbing visual concept, but I love it. I couldn’t stop watching it. Crazy!! As far as the emcee, this guy is incredible. Cadences, animation, lyrical content simply dope. I’m glad I saw this today – WLPWR

(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Prophet – Mr. Officer @prophlogic

I posted this track last week, but thought it’d be appropriate to post again considering the content and message Prophet is delivering. “Mr. Officer” is definitely important to our culture right now. Give it a listen.


Obviously this is a great topic for todays issues, however Im not 100% sold that this is the artist best topic. I checked out the soundcloud. There are some jammin and more believable records that I bought into more. Glad to see him due his part though as far as contributing to the awareness of whats going on out here. Perhaps he will reach someone with this record. I personally look for a certain passion and undying desire to get the point across when artist wants to speak on injustice as such. Im following him now though for sure. I’d definately ride to some of his other cuts.

(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Charlie Summers – Daily Bread

New York native Charlie Summers gives us his latest single “Daily Bread” for Tastemaker Tuesdays today. The beat is dope, and he definitely has lyrical talent. Give it a listen below, and lookout for his upcoming “Concrete Lotus” dropping soon.


on Charlie Summers: Dope Texas vibe. I’d like to hear more patience in the verses. Its a lot to take in first listen. even with fast rapping the pace can be controlled. Beat was dope yet slightly typical of the Houston region sound. There is nothing wrong with that of course, however it wasn’t very original.

(TASTEMAKER TUESDAYS) Young Lyxx feat. Killa Kyleon – Purple Dreams @YOUNGLYXX

(TASTEMAKER TUESDAYS) Young Lyxx – Purple Dreams Featuring Killa Kyleon

(TASTEMAKER TUESDAYS) Young Lyxx - Purple Dreams Featuring Killa Kyleon
(TASTEMAKER TUESDAYS) Young Lyxx – Purple Dreams Featuring Killa Kyleon


On Young Lyxx: This record is cold!! Ride on! Killa was stellar on the feature as well. Beats Jammin

Young Lyxx links with Killa Kyleon for his latest release “Purple Dream$” to continue the momentum following the release of the well received Young N Mayhem EP . Take a listen to the track Produced by M-Stacks. Stay tuned for more from Young Lyxx coming Soon.

(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Capeech Cappuccino – Love Goes @capeechpuccino

Toronto artist Capeech Cappuccino submits his latest offering for Tastemaker Tuesdays called “Love Goes”, produced by Flash Da God. Give it a listen below.


Flow was locked nicely, should have kept Janet on the hook tho. Kinda hard to tell how I feel about it because the original Janet record was so jammin. I may have possibly been duped. I couldn’t get away from the familiar groove enough to enjoy his artistry. Gonna check the sound cloud for more music.

(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Sami Seal – L.I.F.E. @therealSamiSeal

Previously featured Tastemaker Tuesdays artist Sami Seal is back this week for another installment. This time we get a track off of the recently released “The Jungle Tape” mixtape called “L.I.F.E.”. Give it a listen.


On Sami Seal: Dope writer, very lyrical. Delivery and vocal control needs work. This could be an issue in recording but at times the loudness of the vocal inflections caused distortion. So overall the recording and mixing need work. The intro of the beat gave me life, but when the drums came in I lost interest. Drum selection from a producer point of view is essential. Good work and topic tho.

(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Video: LaRz – Bout That Life @LaRzOfficial

LaRz delivers the official video for his latest single “Bout That Life”. The beat is dope, lyrics are decent. The video was creative. I dig it.


On Larz: Im not that into this style of music, but it is professional, as far as sound quality. The video is also produced well. I feel it could use a few more looks, but other than that its fine. Its a catch phrase record, so Its not really my thing. Plenty of successful acts win this way though.