5 Reasons I Didn't Listen To Your Music

Written by Tasha.

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Clearly people aren't getting the memo, so here it is again...

Several artists like to make smart ass comments about bloggers ignoring their music submissions.  Then, there are those few coons that like to sneak diss on Twitter because we're not showing love.  I can't speak for everyone, but I can most definitely let you know why your music got hit with the DELETE button in my inbox...

  1. I hate when artists just drop a track in my inbox without introducing themselves or at least saying hello. If we've never spoke, and I'm unfamiliar with you or your music, you need to include a nice message. Act like you have some manners.

  2. The minute I see that your file is in any format other than mp3, its getting automatically trashed. I don't have time to be converting that shit, that's your job.

  3. Name dropping. Don't send me a track and say, "yeah DJ ____ is fuckin wit the record", or "Plies said he like it". And? Our opinions and taste could be completely different. It doesn't matter to me what anyone else thinks about it, if you want placement on my site the final decision is mine.

  4. If you've burned a bridge with me or any of my affiliates.  Yes, some of us are loyal to each other, and if you burn a bridge with one, you burn a bridge with me too.  I've met some good people in this industry that have looked out for me.  Some I will go to bat for if necessary. So if you sneak diss, or disrespect one of them, consider your ass blackballed.

  5. Do not, I repeat...DO NOT SEND ME LINKS VIA TWITTER. 90% of the time I'm on Twitter I'm using Ubertwitter, so clearly I can't check links from my phone. Stop being lazy and just ask for my email address.



0 #4 2014-01-05 16:56
Send your email address as well... I have you mine. TY!
0 #3 2014-01-05 16:54
Hey Sweety... I'm for the rules... Big ups. But I have the music in the soundcloud and if it's a mp3 that you're requiring, I have also provided the link for purchase... I'm distributing. My name is Mack, LaMack Records, how you doing? I'm a female as well. We will take a review from you... Appreciate it! If this is a comment on your blog... Please check us out... Grab the information, and delete it... No disrespect! **FOR THE GROWN AND SEXY**
0 #2 2011-12-02 19:26
I love it, Straight to the point and I can most definitely relate. Like I said before,I love your blogs!!
+3 #1 2011-07-19 10:04
Did she say coons? lmfao. I concur with 1-5 on the real. Have some manners, you don't walk into someone's house without knocking same manners apply!

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