Blog: 5 Ways to Appropriately Submit Music to A DJ or Blog

Written by Tasha.

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Artists sometimes don’t get the response they want or any at all, and most of the time it’s because of your approach.  How you present yourself when submitting material says a lot of you.  Here are some tips on how to appropriately submit your music to a DJ or blog for consideration.

  1. Introduce yourself first.  It’s rude as hell to just send someone your material if you haven’t already built that relationship.  Don’t write a page long bio; a few sentences telling who you are where you’re from and your objective will do just fine.
  1. When submitting a song, ALWAYS submit in mp3 format.  I guarantee you, not one DJ or blogger will even bother opening it if it’s in any other format.  We don’t have time to convert that shit.
  1. Don’t ever beg, that’s so unattractive.  Ask the receiver nicely, and with some dignity to take a moment to listen to your music.
  1. Always include a photo or professional artwork along with your video/song.  And I can’t stress the PROFESSIONAL part enough.  Ain’t nuthin worse than a camera phone picture of your cheap ass posing in the bathroom.
  1. When sending mass emails, please BCC your contacts!  Most DJs and bloggers will delete you on site if you don’t do so, I know I do.  One thing we don’t appreciate is you exposing our email address to everyone else.  Once you do that you put us at risk of being spammed.

Once you’ve submitted the material, if you haven’t gotten a response after about a week, send a short email or tweet just asking if they got the chance to check out what you sent.  Consistency is key, but don’t be annoying.



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0 #4 2013-02-09 19:27
Great info. I think that a lot of artists forget about professional pictures. Family pictures are not needed haha.

0 #3 2013-01-07 12:14
Couldn't have said it better.
+1 #2 2013-01-04 22:48
Very solid advice. Notes have been taken.
0 #1 2012-12-10 16:46
Great advice!

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