YouTube Strips Universal, Sony & RCA of Over 2 Billion Fake Views

Written by Tasha.

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Google slashed the cumulative view counts on YouTube channels belonging to Universal Music Group, Sony/BMG, and RCA Records by more than 2 billion views Tuesday, in an effort to reverse the actions of number manipulating programs.

Universal's channel is the one that took the biggest hit. According to figures compiled by the YouTube statistics analysts at SocialBlade, the record company's YouTube channel lost more than 1 billion views from its preexisting tally of 7 billion views Tuesday. Sony/BMG took the second largest loss, dropping more than 850 million views in one day, bringing its total number of views to a mere 2.3 million. RCA, which got off in comparison to the others, dipped 159 million views. Its tally now sits more modestly at 120 million views.

See...buying views doesn't stick. A wasted "investment". Frauds never see success for too long. Don't embarrass yourself, because the truth will come to the light eventually.

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