This is something I KNOW every woman has done at some point in their life…..MADE A MESS WITH MASCARA! We try to hold that steady hand to put our mascara on and just like that…..mascara is on the lower lash line and everywhere else. So what do we do? We try to wipe it off, only to smear black mascara everywhere and disturb our carefully placed makeup. Now we’ve really screwed up. Well ladies here is a quick tip that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


Here is what you need:  a clean Q-tip, NO PRODUCT! Yup! It’s just that simple. Allow the mascara to completely dry. I usually use this time to complete the rest of my makeup or to start on my hair. Once the mascara has completely dried, take the clean Q-tip and gently clean away. You will be surprised to see how easily it flakes off! Never fret when you have a complete mascara fail again.

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