@TheReal2Four – “24”

“24” is the latest release from Tennessee Hip Hop/Rock artist 2Four. Creating and becoming more comfortable in his niche, 2Four is flourishing. His production and voice are unique and the message is easy to comprehend. The industry niceties and standard sound are dying. Tracks like “Black Out” and “Hardcore” are  peepholes into the depth of his artistry. His music is a new wave for the typical hip hop head. It’s very refreshing, I am definitely a fan of “24”. Follow for more of 2Four’s music. Also, additional information can be found at thereal2Four.net.

Drake – Charged Up (Response to Meek Mill)

OK, so Drake finally responded to Meek Mill’s diss today. As you may recall, last week Meek claimed that Drake doesn’t write his own lyrics. So, here’s his comeback. I mean yeah Drizzy (or whoever wrote this) kinda snapped, but he still didn’t actually say the whole he doesn’t write his own lyrics thing wasn’t true.