Video: Mello Rello feat. A Lo – My Brother’s Keeper @mellorelloLLTF

Nashville upstart Mello Rello releases the visual for his standout record “My Brother’s Keeper” featuring A Lo, and shot by Charles Robinson. In the visual, Mello Rello and his homies give off nothing but that brotherly love vibe while he showcases a unique flow. The record is featured on his his forthcoming project, “e$t” coming soon. Lookout for more to come from this rising talent.

The Tainerz ft. K. Gates – “Dance Like Diddy”

New Orleans rapper/producer/filmmaker K.Gates introduces The Tainerz, a new teen sensation consisting of members Dallas (age 12), T-Daddie (age 14), and Deelö (age 15). The Tainerz, who recently stole the show at Miami’s annual Overtown Festival, sing, rap and dance. Their new track “Dance Like Diddy” was inspired by Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy Reunion concert that took place at Brooklyn’s Barclays Arena earlier this year.

Now that dancing has become prominent in hip hop culture once again, K.Gates & The Tainerz pay homage to pioneer Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, the innovator, and music business mogul.

Marc Jacobs – Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume

A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.

-Christian Dior

Last week, I did a Facebook poll to find out what scents women were wearing these days. No surprise to me, I had an overwhelming response to find out, many of you are wearing Marc Jacobs’ “Daisy.” Daisy is one of those scents that will turn heads for sure! Purfumes have been my splurge item lately and  I wanted to add some new scents to my collection. Currently, some of my favorites are Dolce and Gabbana – “Light Blue”/ Dolce and Gabbana – “Rose the One”/ Armani – “Acqua Di Gioia“/ Balenciaga – “Florabotanica”– just to name a few.

I now have a new baby to add to my collection. Marc Jacobs – “Daisy Eau So Fresh.” If you thought Daisy was a show stopper, wait until you smell Eau So Fresh! It’s so light and clean, however, it’s refreshing and just straight up BOMB! This is out it is described by the designer:

  • Top: natural raspberry, grapefruit, pear.

  • Middle: violet, wild rose, apple blossom.

  • Base: musk, cedarwood, plum.

I don’t know about all of that, but what I DO KNOW is that is smells SO GOOD!!!! If you’re interested in any of these fragrances, click the links and order them today. (I love online shopping, I don’t have to leave home and my items come straight to my door). Leave a comment below. Let’s chat. Have you all tried this fragrance? What are your thoughts?


Dolce and Gabbana – “Light Blue”Dolce and Gabbana – “Rose the One”/ Armani – “Acqua Di Gioia“/ Balenciaga – “Florabotanica” /Marc Jacobs – “Daisy Eau So Fresh.


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Video: nonSense – “Pluto”

“Pluto” is nonSense’s latest visual from his debut album ‘Mercury Retrograde’. The New Jersey rapper really showcases his storytelling ability through wicked wordplay and rhymes. The high quality visuals will keep you entertained throughout the entire video just as much as his lyrics. The video portrays an interesting series of clips too.