Chicago-based Rap Sensations,The Loud Pack Team are a tour de force. Their cinematic street dialect, phenomenal wordplay, and witty punchlines set them apart from the competition. They are a new strain of Hip Hop. Over the years, the crew has assembled a total package of musical genius, magnetic charisma, and business acumen. “Our movement is crazy because our work ethic is incredible. While you’re sleeping, we’re working and churning out hit songs,” proclaims team member KingBone.


The Loud Pack Team is on a mission to break thrU the monotony and staleness of the current Hip Hop landscape. The rap crew describes their music as authentic street Rap. They put their heart and soul into their music. They are creating a global following with good music, incredible videos ,and artistic ingenuity. “Our fans respect the fact that we are raw and authentic. We want them to feel the power of our movement,” states Young Flash.


Their current single “Ain’t Ballin” is earning unprecedented critical praise. It is arguably one of the top street anthems of the year, officially putting The Loud Pack Team on the radar of artists to look out for. Moreover, the visual of the song is cinematic, raw and intense. The unique selling proposition of the group is that they stay true to their essence. They write about their reality and the reality of their peers. Their goal is to take the listener on a journey into their world.

Hoodrich Snypa – Pokemon Go

I told ya’ll I was through with the “Young Thug” style rappers, but I actually like this one. Comes from Hoodrich Snypa and its called “Pokemon Go”, produced by Danny Wolf. Clearly this was a good move, considering the weird obsession with Pokemon going on right now. Take a listen below.

Kris J – How Much For The Quarter EP

Atlanta artist Kris J releases the anticipated follow-up to The A.R.T. Project, with his new project How Much For The Quarter. There’s a variety of vibes, but I’d say this is a project the smokers will enjoy. How Much For The Quarter features a single guest appearance by fellow emcee TEZ, and production from Natural Disaster, Kangaroo and in-house producer Ithinkwegotit.

Video: theehof – “Rosa”

Miami’s own theehof is back with a new message and mantra, having found his peace in the sound he’s been trying to make all along. With his upcoming album “Siempre” dropping soon, theehof is prepping by releasing a new video for “Rosa”, celebrating his family values by showing off his beautiful baby daughter.