Video: Revenue OTB – Switch It Up | @Revenue_Mr704

Video: Revenue OTB – Switch It Up

Video: Revenue OTB - Switch It Up
Video: Revenue OTB – Switch It Up

Being multi-talented is crucial to any success of a rising emcee. Revenue OTB, who embodies the exact mold an aspiring rapper should, reps his city of Charlotte, NC  to a tee. The Charlotte native is full steam ahead for the summer of 2015 launching his campaign this afternoon! Today we get the first taste of his music with a single entitled “Switch It Up” from his upcoming EP “Overdue” due out this summer. Be on the lookout for new music steadily. 

@ThaSelfieGodd – “Ugly & Immature”

“Ugly and Immature” is the soulful creation of Aurora artist David Bonds. Bonds’ debut project is damn near flawless, with time he will be a star. Music and poetry that stem from actual experiences and excellent interludes force you to focus on every line.  I seriously cannot pick one favorite track off of this project. I really enjoyed P.G.P.B.I.C, Hollowgram, Lightskin Girls, I Wonder…yea just go and listen to it. David Bonds…please let me get the first autographed hard copy. Cannot wait for upcoming releases. adds to playlist

@GrizzyElChapo – “Memoirs of My MacBook”

Great all-around project! Bay Area’s Grizzy Graham has dropped a nine track EP entitled, “Memoirs of My MacBook”. Graham comes through clutch on diverse beats from several producers including Cyht Beats,  Guerrilla 323, and many more. My favorite track “The Man”will definitely hit home for a lot of listeners. Grizzy Graham is on my list to watch, for updates follow him now.


(VIDEO) @JamesGangMusic – “This Town”

Boston artist Mike James creates a soothing song to “shake trees” and come alive to. Single “This Town” gives us a glimpse into the mind of James as he enjoys his city and the beauty it has to offer.  I wonder who his muse is? Four years and counting James’ catalog is growing. His latest EP, “The Love”  is set to release later this year. Follow him for updates.

T the Elder (CBK) – “ALS Aromatherapy Challenge” (VIDEO)

T the Elder and his crew CBK are forcing head nods and smirks all the way from Cali. “ALS Aromatherapy Challenge” caught me completely off guard. The lyrics, their looks, the hilarious video and hypnotizing beat, produced by L.S Grind, have me absolutely entertained.  T the Elder has an awesome rhyme scheme and delivery together with a great sense of humor. CBK’s entire mixtape “The Crash” is available on their Soundclound account. #CuddleBoys I’m excited to see what these guys come up with next!