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Artist Spotlight: DeP (Houston, TX)

Written by Tasha.

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His voice as powerfully textured as the strongest espresso. His music - a colorful blend of rhythms and words - bobs heads, gyrates hips and stirs the affections of lovers. An entertainer of infinite talent, he is a high-powered singer/songwriter/actor worthy of his name: D?P.

For D?P (pronounced: deep), the path to stardom started amidst the church walls in Houston, TX. In the music industry, he has been able to sing background, open for and work with some of today’s top artist including Kim Burrell, Yolanda Adams, KC and JoJo, Brian McKnight, Scarface, James Fortune, Boyz II Men, Latimore and more. D?P made the decision to sing R&B music stating that just because he grew up in the church didn’t mean he didn’t get mad, hurt, experience love, sex, or pain and should have the right to sing about it all.

D?P’s devoted work ethic has birthed an impressive body of work: performances and writing credits for various affairs. In the acting realm, his talent has been showcased at premiere performing arts venues, including the renowned Ensemble Theater along side many growing talents including Solange Knowles, where he developed an extensive list of acting credits. His television appearances include BET’s 106 & Park, CBS, and TBN as well as commercials for Six Flags and Ford, a role as Jack Jacobson on the NBC show “We Thee People with Gloria Alred”, a principle actor in Jill Scott Ft. Anthony Hamilton’s “So In Love” Video, a featured actor/model for the Apple App “Puzzle Bodies”, a cameo in the television show Decker Green and more! D?P has also graced the pages of various publications including VIBE, Rolling Stone and Houston Press.

After building a solid reputation as a singer with his popular single “Something More”, D?P relocated to Washington DC (contract #1) then to New York City (contract #2), joining a group, to advance his career. While grateful for his experiences being a lead member in the R&B group, his heart was intent on solo success. “Being a solo artist ensures fewer boundaries, fights, and scapegoats…” he says, “The creative restraints of being in a group disappear.” D?P now resides in Los Angeles.

Those creative chokeholds are currently being shattered with the arrival of new songs such as “Contract”, “DWI”, “Rough”, and “Keep Coming Back. D?P channels the essence of his fiery personality into his current songs, providing a kaleidoscope of grooves – from soul-tinged riffs to a funky fusion of R&B and rock. These songs are ripe with unabashed lyricism and explosive plays of party rhythms. His current single “Contract” is making national headlines as he tours to promote it.

An innovator, he’s securely driven by his passions and underwritten by his music, charities, and dedication, unconventionally shedding carbon-­?copied images of an emotionally void, self-­?centered man. Naturally defining swag, he loves purposefully, understanding nothing is happenstance but in everything, something D?P.

Check out one of his latest, "Contract".


Featured Artist: Lele aka Bad Bad

Written by Tasha.

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South Carolina female emcee, Lele aka Bad Bad has been on a strong independent grind for years now, and she's just released her new album, Loyalty, which in my opinion is her best work. From the production, to her delivery, Lele held nothing back on this project. You can cop her Loyalty on iTunes, but here's a sample of what she has to offer. And below, watch her latest video blog where she's talking about how tough it is to break in the Carolina scene, and janky promoters.

Lele - "Band Money"


Artist Spotlight: Benjamin Starr (@_BenjaminStarr_) (South Carolina)

Written by Tasha.

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Benjamin Starr is an artist out of the low country in South Carolina, who's caputured the attention of many with his witty lyrical talent. Many don't expect for a rapper to sound the way he does coming from South Carolina, but as I always emphasize, SC possesses a lot of hidden jewels. Ben Starr caught my attention with his last project, "The Scorsese Sessions: A Music Motion Picture". I'm positive he has the potential to create a fan base across the country if given the opportunity. He's been a little quiet since his last release, so I spoke with him to see what he's been up to, what he's working on and discuss his opinion on his state's music scene.

To hear some of Ben Starr's music, hit the jump.



Artist Spotlight: Continental GT

Written by Tasha.


When it comes to my site, you already know GT needs know introduction. Hailing from Columbia, SC, Continental GT's style and talent make him stand out from the rest.  He's destined to become a superstar, and with his new material dropping this year, he'll be in that position very soon.

  1. Why do you always say that you’re the best?

Because I am the best!  Just listen to my music from the beginning to the end. I make good ass music.

  1. What do you feel separates you from the other artists in the Carolinas?

I don’t put myself in a box. I’m an artist first, not specifically a South Carolina artist.

  1. How do you feel about not being nominated for the SC Music Awards?

Listen to my new track, “Ryze and Grynd”…”let’s jump into some politics; SC Awards show, ya man ain’t even make the list. Yeah I saw that, but don’t the rep wrong, cuz I was madder last year when grouped with the slept on”.  So this really doesn’t bother me.

  1. Talk about you next project.

July 26th, Lottery Pick, hosted by DJ Cannon Banyon. Just a little warm up to keep everybody straight until the EP dropping in December. The EP is gonna be crazy!

  1. You sound so excited about your EP. What's gonna be different this time around?

It’s a very well put together album.  I stepped back and analyzed a lot of the mixtapes that’s been coming out.  Pusha T, Fabolous, Rocko’s etc…and I felt like the music needed to be on point because these are the guys I’m competing with. I feel like I’ve finally found my sound and mojo, and I’m ready.

  1. Upcoming collabs…

Look for new music with me and MaryLiz, Trouble from DTE, Jay Rock outta Cali, Lo Keys, Derty Den and a few more.  Got production from Lex Luger and Taylor Gang’s producer.

  1. Any last words?

I'm thankful to have a strong team. Shoutout to SheBloggin and Daytona. My nigga A-Rod tha God is home now, and as always shoutout to Gunnz and JJ the Capo. Look out for that Lottery Pick mixtape dropping this month hosted by DJ Cannon Banyon.

GT's latest track, "Ryze & Grynd"